So, let’s get back to the above photo to see a real life example. I selected them in Lightroom and then launched LR/Enfuse with the default . I shoot real estate photography in FL, using multiple lighting more often. but many. I’m in Southern California and photograph luxury real estate properties here, often in the $1m to $7m plus range. And my realtor and home builder clients want to. When I shoot for architects, builders or interior designers I have the time built in to the shoot to use strobes and light the scene. I have one big.

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You may have seen the me mention this photo in a previous post. The shot is taken using ambient light only, and yet everything is well exposed from the ejfuse table right through to the back of the room. Normally we would expect most of the room to fall into shadow due to the high constrast difference between the window-lit table and the shaded corridor; so how was this avoided?

Well, it was easy actually.

Exposure blending essentially involves examing a group of photos with varying exposures and creating a final photo, pixel by pixel, by choosing the best exposed pixel from all of the photos. Note that this is not the same as creating an HDR high dynamic range image.

To create an HDR image several exposures are also used, but the similarity stops there. An HDR image uses 32 bits per pixel, and these bits are used to store a floating-point value. The dynamic range of the image needs to be compressed to fit within the dynamic range of the chosen media.

Typically this is done by controlling a tone mapping curve that dictates how and where the dynamic range is compressed. Are the end results of the two approaches the same? Here are the main differences:. So, for interior shots like the one above, where a natural looking image is paramount, blending is definitely the way to go.

Enfuse produces fantastic results, but the command line interface made it quite painful to use.

It would certainly be a barrier to most photographers. Here is the sequence of images that I took. The blended image is often just a touch underexposed.

This is no problem, we can now bring it back into Lightroom and develop it as normal. The final image shown at the top of this page is corrected for exposure and the white balance has been warmed to taste. I also found it frustrating to get natural results from HDR conversions.


Enfuse For Real Estate Photography

Thank you for taking the time to develop this plugin- donation and download coming soon!!! Have you given phofography consideration to creating a panormaic plugin for Lightroom as well? That would be so incredibly useful!!

I noticed that the images created while using Auto Align end up with a significantly different exposure than those created without it. They are very flat and almost desaturated. Blue skies in particular come out almost grey. Yes, Tim, this is my favourite plugin. It does a wonderful job and produce natural photgraphy without a fuss. Photographyy for posting this. A simple and elegant solution deal a common problem.

This is an extremely useful plug-in and fills a big gap that Adobe did not address. Helicon focus blends multiple exposures where the focus point changes in each one to produce enfuuse image with more depth of field than can be achieved with one photo.

I am wishing to get Enfuse — Which version to get for Mac Version I once downloaded Enfuse Droplet some time ago — Not sure why at the time. Sorry that it seems a stupid question, rea, I am not very techno savi and many things I do I spend some time working on by trial and error. Most of all the batch function is such a great time-saver.

Thank you so much for this! So i tried to edit these parameters without nefuse of course … but without any success. I tried the following strings: Tim, i need your advise: What string i have to enter to manipulate those Parameters with effect? Purchased it last night and really looking forward to using it. I have just started using it and am very happy with the results.

I used to do it all manually in photoshop but this is SO much easier. I wonder if I need to bracket more? Can you enlighten me? Flash Timothy Armes’ Blog. My problem is knowing how to best ensure the results I want.

I shoot property and most often want to capture all the contrast inside and outside at the same time. I find if I used too over exposed an image it produces a milky hazy look.

I have difficulty getting the outside exposure just the way I want it. Its usually over exposed sometimes to the point of defeating the photobraphy of Enfusing. Do you have guidelines as to how far to bracket in over exposure and under exposure please? I must admit, this is the fastest, simplest way for me to do real estate HDR images yet. I even created a LR3 User Preset for finishing the images off. VERY good plug-in — thanks so much. Sandra, I shoot real estate photography in FL, using multiple lighting more often.


I find that in situations like that I need to expose for the entire range photgraphy create layers with masks in PS and paint in the areas require detail. However I doubt cheap realtors will be willing to invest in your ewtate doing so. This one plugin has enabled me to make tens of thousands of dollars extra this last year.

LR/Enfuse for InteriorsPhotographer’s Toolbox | Photographer’s Toolbox

My workflow has halved!. Now… well its just Stack and process then tweak in LR with the odd occasion to go into PS and the results are simply spectacular. Your email address will not be published.

You enfusse use these HTML tags and attributes: Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Privacy Policy Follow us on Twitter. Here are the main differences: Blending software is very easy to use but it can only produce natural looking images. Most people find it very difficult to create natural looking images using HDR. We know we do. December 18, at 4: December 20, at 9: Thanks again for all your great work! December 21, at January 8, at 4: January 26, at July 1, at 2: October 14, at October 16, at 9: October 17, at 4: How to I install Enfuse into Lightroom 2 Another question.

Can this droplet be incorporated with the process of using Enfuse? October 29, enfusr 7: So i tried to edit these parameters without quotes of course … but without any success I tried the following strings: Thank you for any help and please excuse my poor english Regards -kai.

February 11, at 1: April 13, at John MacLean Photography says: July 6, at 2: October 20, at 3: February 21, at 9: July 28, at 5: September 19, at 8: Eric, I find that in situations like that I need to expose for the entire range then create layers with masks in PS and paint in the areas require detail. December 13, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.