Mata Kuliah FTA:Mekanika Fluida, Senin Mekanika Fluida Kamaruddin P1=p2=p3 Hukum Hidrostatika • Tekanan oleh suatu kolom fluida . 1 Hidrostatika dan Hidrodinamika 32 F L U I D A Pengertian Fluida. Fluida adalah zat yang dapat mengalir atau sering dis. SOAL LATIHAN MEKANIKA FLUIDA. HIDROSTATIKA (XY adalah 2 NIM terakhir Mahasiswa) Soal 1. Tangki dengan ukuran panjang x lebar x tinggi (LBH) = 3,X.

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If fluid enters a run of pipe which has starting elevation of say 2m relative to some zero point and it then flows through the pipe system, rising and falling many times, before it finally exits at an elevation of say 5m, then the net change in elevation is 3m 5m – 2mand the result will be a pressure loss due to change in elevation of of 3m fluid head which could be converted to units of bar or psi, if required.

There is a change of velocity, both in magnitude and direction, and also a change in pressure.

Therefore one cannot use Bernoulli’s principle of conserved head or energy to calculate flow parameters. If the loss in the reducer is 10 ft of water find the resultant thrust on the reducer. If the friction factor for the pipe is 0.


The consequences of being “behind the curve” in flight are important and are taught as part of pilot training. The combined overall drag curve therefore shows a minimum at some airspeed – an aircraft flying at this speed will be at or close to its optimal efficiency.

For pipe flow, we assume that the pipe diameter D stays constant. Landasan pemahaman dasar bukan hanya statika tetapi juga untuk semua mata kuliah Others such as those based on the Delaware groups work, could have been reproduced equally well, having formed an integral part of the thermal design of shell-and-tube exchangers, in mekaanika West for many years; see the articles by Taborek in the Heat Exchanger Design Handbook and Mueller in the Handbook of Heat Transfer [Rohsenhow and Hartnett ].


Diameter pipe and at the top of the manometer. Also because of the addition of fuel in the engine the weight of the air leaving W2 is greater than that entering W1. Referring now to hidrostatikz.

Modul Kuliah Mekanika Fluida 1

Let the pipe diameter be d and the length l. In this approach K-factor is multiplied by the velocity head of the fluid flow. Dengan menyamakan me,anika pada titik m dan n: It was measured by using a collecting tank which was situated above the sump so that the collected water could be drained from the colecting tank directly into the sump. Tm Mekanika Fluida Dasar 1 Documents.

Modul Kuliah Mekanika Fluida 1

Observed lengths of the region of closed streamlines behind a sphere. In transonic flight, wave drag is commonly referred to as transonic compressibility drag.

Hdrostatika engineer then multiplies the quantity of each type of valve and fitting by its respective equivalent length and adds them together. Mekanika fluida dapat didefinisikan The study of flow around immersed mekankka has a wide variety of engineering applications but in terms of heat and mass transfer, spheres are the most important.

To calculate the pressure drop and flowrates in a section of uniform pipe running from Point A to Point B, enter the parameters below. Praktikum dilaksanakan 4 kali dalam 1 minggu Selasa, Rabu, Kamis, dan Jumat. The viscous head term is scaled by the pipe friction factor f.

In practice, supersonic flow occurs on bodies traveling well below the speed of sound, as the local speed of air on a body increases when it accelerates over the body, in this case above Mach 1. Click here to sign up. Theory and Problem of Fluid Dynamic. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics. The whole body of the fluid in the pipe will then be brought to rest in this time.

Hidrostatika dan Hidrodinamika 32 F L U I D A – PDF Free Download

Use of experimental methodology and procedures for solving fluids engineering systems, including full and model scales, large and table top facilities, measurement systems instrumentation, data acquisition and data reductionuncertainty analysis, and dimensional analysis and similarity. One way to express this is by means of thedrag equation: For flow around bluff bodies, drag is most often dominating, and then the qualifier “parasitic” is meaningless.


Pedoman Praktikum Mekanika Fluida. Sejalan dengan waktu maka fluida akan mendapatkan momentum dan akhirnya berada pada kondisi mantap steady —state. Still, one can keep track of this lost head by introducing another term called viscous head into Bernoulli’s equation to get, where D is the pipe diameter. Bila titik A berada 10 ft diatas n meniskus yang terkoneksi dengan kaki m manometer tentukan.

For simplicity assume that the fluid is not compressible and that the pipe material is non-elastic.

Hidrostatika dan Hidrodinamika 32 F L U I D A

Untuk mempertahankan kondisi ini diperlukan gaya F untuk mempertahankan aliran plat bagian bawah. For staggered banks, the upstream flow is typically a maximum between the preceding tubes, so the impinging flow bifurcates at the front-leading edge of each cylinder.

For commercial pipes this is usually a very small number. Bila bobot spesifik tekanan Pa udara. The velocities at these sections will be v1 and v2. Po v vo A a Figure 6.

This was done as follows; the drain valve was hut, the weight on the weighing machine was preset to 1 cwt and the water wasdirected to the weighing tank by means of the two-way valve. This sum is known as the piezometric head and can be measured by inserting a piezometer tube into the side of a pipe so that it is flush with the edge of the pipe.

Mekanika Fluida Dan Hidrolika This was done as follows: Patterns correspond to the points marked on figure 2. The collecting tank was then drained through the drain valve. Draw the total energy and the hydraulic gradien lines and determine in milimeter of water the total loss head rise in the fan.