Los hijos de las tinieblas by José Antonio Cotrina Gómez, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. José Antonio Cotrina has 48 books on Goodreads with ratings. José Antonio Los hijos de las tinieblas (El ciclo de la luna roja, #2) by. José Antonio . Best books like Los hijos de las tinieblas: #1 Laila Winter y la Maldición de Ithirïe (Laila Winter, #3) #2 La maldición José Antonio Cotrina (Goodreads Author).

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His work enabled the 90s generation jkse change the face of science fiction in Spain, and this is recognized with the Domingo Santos award, which is issued yearly. Click here to hide the comments. Recently the publisher Cyberdark has started a hiojs of anthologies whose goal is to rescue the best short stories of this period.

Maybe the crisis made it harder to believe in the future, or real life was deemed depressing enough.

El hechizo del narguile: Reseña de LA COSECHA DE SAMHEIN

There are also several interesting themed anthologies containing strong recent work by current writers as well. The single most important development is something Elia alluded to: What single work of Spanish science fiction would you most like to see translated into other languages including English?

However wearing the wrong type of boot is also some thing to think about. I completely agree with the observation.


Many thanks for this great round table. Females are often the goal of the style market. Comments containing name-calling, personal attacks, threats, or other abusive content will be edited or deleted. The combination of the crisis with internet piracy and new pastimes is proving to be devastating for the publishing world and for writers.

Robot illustration by Serj Iulian.

And we read jlse things too—other genres, literature in our anhonio tongue, classics of world literature. The influence of French, Russian, Italian, German, Polish or Scandinavian science fiction is insignificant compared to the influence of North American and British authors. Yes, there are good anthologies and author collections out there. My third Akasa-Puspa anthology will feature an even greater number of women.

The problem, though, is that these are almost impossible to find.

It was a very ambitious project because of the richness of the real Spanish Renaissance, mixed with the steampunk and uchronia propositions. In the nineties the SF world in Spain seemed to bloom. I tend to like English-language literature in general, not only science fiction but other genres. Recently I was talking with a friend who wrote a story for my next Akasa-Puspa anthology, and I told her that I thought her approach was fantastic, really innovative.

Is there a Spanish John W. Yes, I think the main impact can be seen in the themes writers choose, often laden with pessimism. Do you see this changing anytime soon? A special thank you to Alicia Amaro, who helped with the translation. I would also recommend the stories published in Artifex and now in Terra Nova. I think author collections are better at showcasing what writers are capable of, so I prefer collections.


Thanks for this awesome round table! Writers must hone their artistic and communicative intentions and abilities to push language beyond its formals limits. Technology has developed more quickly than society has, and now we have new ways of distributing literature without a support system octrina place, a way to make it economically sustainable.

: Spanish – Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror / Children’s & Young Adult: Books

Mariano was extremely helpful in connecting us across time zones and facilitating the conversation. No hay historias alegres. No te cuentan que siempre, al final, todos mueren. I am too old to have been really affected tinieblaz this collection, excellent though it was.

How did this collection affect you personally, if it did?

José Antonio Cotrina

Science fiction in Spain has been until recently and probably it still is, though not so strongly a branch of English-language science fiction that is science fiction originally written in English. It really was a great time. But now the opposite is happening and dystopias are proving the most successful subgenre. Tnieblas within the field: