KENWOOD – Amateur Radio. English (USA) User Manual, View TSS pdf English (USA) User Manual Download TSS pdf user manual. English (USA) . Kenwood TSS TSD User Manual • Menu configuration • Kenwood Receivers and Amplifiers. The TSD/S(G) has a wealth of scanning capabilities including variable speed You can choose between the new Manual Weight feature where the relative.

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Table of contents Precautions Dc Power Supply Connection Selecting A Band Selecting A Mode Selecting A Frequency Front Panel Meter Selecting Transmit Power What Is A Menu? Cross Reference For Menu Functions Tx Deviation Selection Tf-set transmit Frequency Set Fm Repeater Operation Selecting Subtone Frequency Continuous Or Burst Subtones? Fm Ctcss Operation Ftty frequency Shift Keying Selecting Your Frequency Rit receive Incremental Tuning Agc automatic Gain Control Vox voice-operated Transmit Microphone Input Level Xit transmit Incremental Tuning Customizing Transmit Signal Characteristics Changing Frequency While Transmitting Changing Keying Speed Bug Key Function Cw Message Memory Changing If Filter Bandwidth Changing Receive Bandwidth Microprocessor Memory Backup Storing Data Manua Memory Memory Recall And Scroll Memory-vfo Split Operation Storing Frequency Ranges Erasing Memory Channels Storing Into Quick Maual Recalling Quick Memory Temporary Frequency Changes Frequency Lock Function Program Function Button Quick Data Transfer Using Kenwoor Transfer Using A Transverter Automatic Antenna Tuner Dru-3a Digital Recording Unit optional Vs-3 Voice Synthesizer optional Removing The Bottom Case Dru-3a Digital Recording Unit Vs-3 Voice Synthesizer Unit So-2 Temperature-compensated Crystal Oscillator tcxo kennwood Connecting Peripheral Equipment Mcp And Tnc Reference Frequency Calibration Accessing The Internal Fuse Com Connector Protocol Computer Control Commands Alphabetical Command Table Menu Selection Table Kenwpod “ex” Command Reading Command Tables Computer Control Command Tables Table Of Contents Table of contents Instruction Manual Ts5-70s 1 Installation External Speaker ext Sp Chapter 2 Your First Qso Chapter 3 Getting Acquainted Front Panel View Chapter 4 Operating Basics Kfnwood Frequency tx-570s Gain Radio Frequency rf Gain Chapter 5 Menu Setup What Is A Menu Chapter 6 Basic Communicating Chapter 7 Specialized Communicating Continuous Or Burst Subtones Rtty frequency Shift Keying Chapter 8 Communicating Aids Direct Frequency Entry Using 1 Mhz Steps kewnood Monitoring Transmitted Signals Reversible Auto Weighting Storing Cw Messages Checking Cw Messages Without Transmitting35 Transmitting Cw Messages Chapter 9 Rejecting Interference Changing Nr1 Performance Setting Nr2 Time Constant Chapter 10 Memory Features Memory Vfo Transfer Channel Channel Transfer Memory Channel Lockout Quick Memory Vfo Transfer Chapter 11 Scan Chapter 12 Operator Conveniences Changing Inter-message Interval Voice Synthesizer optional Chapter 13 Optional Accessories Chapter 14 Installing Options Temperature-compensated Crystal Oscillator tcxo